Return to Learn

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On Monday, November 9, 2020, the Caroline County School Board voted for CCPS to return to a hybrid instructional model beginning on January 11, 2021. This model will serve approximately half of CCPS students both virtually and in-person.

Although Governor Northam issued a November 13 mandate that tightened COVID-19 restrictions, effective November 16, CCPS is prepared to continue with the hybrid model. Through its partnerships with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), CCPS can meet these new restrictions as it offers this model of instruction to its community. However, CCPS will monitor COVID data daily to determine if it needs to shift back to the VIRTUAL+ model.

As with prior instructional decisions, CCPS gathered input from various stakeholders in developing this instructional model through the use of R2L Task Force meetings and a school board workshop. The collective teamwork and input was used to drive the R2LTask Force’s decision-making related to latest instructional delivery model which was approved by the CCPS School Board on November 9, 2020.

The development of the latest R2L plan required not only extensive planning, but also the careful consideration of our students and families’ needs. With social distancing restrictions and health strategies outlined by the Commonwealth, VDOE, and VDH, our R2L plan reflects admirable creativity, flexibility, teamwork, and communication. We hope that you find our resources, R2L guide, and the R2L website to be informative and easily navigated.

Thank you for your engagement, encouragement, and inquiries over the past, present, and future days, weeks, and months. We are committed to providing a safe, positive, and meaningful school year for students and staff.

Thank you and be well!

Sarah B. Calveric, Ph.D.

Resources and Guidance Documents

The following COVID-19 Return to School resources outline various guidelines for the reopening of K12 schools in the Commonwealth. CCPS has been referring to each document to embed health and safety measures and instructional best practices within our R2L 20-21 plan. 


The following timeline reflects the expeditious R2L work of various CCPS stakeholders. Our school community is committed to developing a plan reflective of our students, staff, and families’ needs while recognizing the innate parameters associated with the outlined social distancing guidelines. While fluid in nature, the timeline was developed to ensure alignment with state requirements, comprehensive and timely division planning, and of the utmost importance – consistent and evolving communication with all parties. 

  • June 1 – Virtual Summer Academy Begins (Day 1)
  • June 8 – COVID19 Update at School Board Meeting
  • June 9 – Governor’s Announcement Regarding Public Schools
  • June 11 -Parent and Staff Surveys Released
  • June 17 – R2L 1.0 Planning Retreat
  • June 18- Parent/Staff Surveys Due; Data Trends Identified
  • June 25 – Submit Phase II Healthcare Plan to VDOE
  • June 25 – Governor Announces Local School Board Authority in R2L Planning
  • June 25 – Virtual Summer Academy Ends
  • June 30 – R2L 2.0 Planning Retreat
  • July 1 – R2L Website Go Live Date
  • July 6 – R2L Supt. Advisory Group Meeting (Parents, teachers, support staff, students)
  • July 8 – R2L 3.0 Planning Retreat
  • July 13 – R2L Presentation to the School Board
  • July 14 – R2L Community Forum
  • July 15-30 – R2L Final Modifications
  • July 22 – R2L Staff Forum
  • July 30 – Special called CCPS School Board Meeting to select R2L option
  • August 3 – R2L plan due to the VDOE
  • August 5-8 – New Teacher Orientation
  • August 10-21 – Teacher Work Weeks
  • August 21 – Phase III Healthcare Plan due to VDOEAugust 24 – First Day of 2020-2021 School Year (Virtual + for 1st Quarter)